Black Cohosh

An admirable acquaintance, Cassandra of House of Hands called out for submissions for her latest edition of Numen Naturae, part of a series based on plant spirit archetypical knowing. It was titled Black Cohosh, Priestess,  The womb of the earth.

Commensurately I had been working with Black Cohosh for the past year having scored some lovely fresh root that was offered up on one of my herb lists for the price of shipping. I always struggle to connect with plants I haven't met and Black Cohosh being primarily east coast medicine had as yet evaded me so I jumped on the offer and soon was the proud processor of 2 lbs of fresh root. I made the medicine, held the meditations and proceeded to acknowledge and make delicate advances with this shy, mirrored and powerful being. Its always interesting to enter into relationship with the visible invisible and I quickly became quite in awe of the silent power to hold, carry and regulate.

The phrase "womb of the earth" I found exquisitely appropriate with my Black Cohosh due diligence. The phrase galvanized a percolating image that had been asking for birth and I started to reach for the tracing paper, quickly sketching out what was in my minds eye. The result is a Black Cohosh journal cover embossed on vegetable tanned leather, kangaroo lacing (lavender no less) in a new edging stitch and currently sized to fit moleskin journals.